Brewer Community School Donation

Students and faculty from the Brewer Community School visited the Brewer Area Food Pantry on March 2nd to deliver a $4,411.48 check donation. They received a tour of the facility. A long-time supporter of the food pantry, the school, raised money during its February Penny Wars.

Brewer Community School
Pictured is Batman, a.k.a. Brian Estes, Grade 6-8 art teacher, 7th-graders, Juliana Venturelli and Gabriella Cahconen, 6th-grader, Adrianna Paquette, 5th-grader, Alison Adair, Deb Smith, Director of Intellectual Disability Services for OHI and food pantry manager, and Riley Hall, food pantry coordinator, and Brewer High School alumna.

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