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The OHI philosophy that Everything is Possible makes a big difference in the lives of the people we support and in the lives of our OHI employees, too. At OHI, you’ll have many opportunities to learn new skills and to set and reach goals that challenge you, all with the support of people who are willing to share what they know, to listen to your ideas and to help you succeed.

Make a Difference in People’s Lives

OHI offers you the opportunity to work for a highly-respected social service organization in the greater Bangor area with a mission you can believe in and values you share. Make a difference in the lives of people with mental illness, co-occuring disorders and/or intellectual disabilities — people often misunderstood by others in their communities. Advocate for social equality, acceptance and justice for all people.

And, we offer:

  • Competitive benefits
  • Life insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Paid holidays
  • Personal paid leave time
  • Mileage reimbursement
  • Education/certification opportunities
  • Certifications in the College of Direct Support, first aid, CPR, Mental Health Support Specialist and Certified Residential Medication Aide (CRMA).
  • Clinical experience toward LSW licensure
  • Paid training on a variety of topics
  • Advocacy/membership opportunities
  • Committee and task force positions within OHI and statewide that affect support services provided to people with disabilities
  • Attendance at state and national conferences and legislative hearings
  • Membership in the National Association of Direct Support Professionals
  • Career advancement

Many members of the OHI management team started out as Direct Support Professionals!

Team atmosphere

At OHI, we share information, experiences, responsibilities, concerns and joys as well as celebrate at annual picnics, events and holiday gatherings. There are also opportunities to join activities and travel with the people we support, and to experience great times at the Special Olympics, Camp Capella and more.

We Offer People With Disabilities
the Resources They Need to Make
Life Choices and Set Their Own Goals