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At OHI, we know people with mental illness often have a hard time finding safe and affordable housing. Co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders can make it even harder. We see it all around us, every day.

Sometimes, homelessness occurs after a psychiatric episode – when people act out in ways that lead to eviction – and homelessness is a common situation for people re-entering the community from hospitalization or incarceration. We also know a safe living situation is essential before people can move ahead and become productive and more independent members of the community.

OHI offers a variety of services designed to help people with disabilities access affordable housing…and keep it.

We provide links to:

  • Housing subsidies
  • SNAP benefits (food stamps)
  • Medicaid and Medicare
  • Fuel assistance
  • Rent rebates
  • Local welfare programs
  • Food pantries
  • Self-advocacy
  • Basic skills training

Permanent housing in the greater Bangor area that includes therapeutic and rehabilitative services as needed, community integration services, daily living support and/or skills development, and individual counseling services.

The Chalila House, Huntington Apartments and Rachael’s House offer safe, affordable housing for people with disabilities who are making the transition from homelessness, institutionalization or supported living to independence.
The Chalila House, located on North Main Street, Brewer, has eight, one-bedroom apartments. The Huntington Apartments, located on Ohio Street, Bangor, has six, one-bedroom apartments. Rachael’s House, located on Cedar Street, Bangor, offers two, three-bedroom apartments for families and a one-bedroom apartment.

Give us a call at 848-5804 if we can help you or someone you know with any of these housing services.

We Offer People With Disabilities
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