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This service helps adults with mental health challenges, or mental health and substance abuse challenges (co-occurring disorders), who are struggling to live independently. Service recipients do not need the level of support provided by a group home or hospital, but struggle to live independently without daily contact.

This service helps each person learn and develop skills to foster independence and find healthy ways to become involved in the community. This is accomplished by providing a combination of supports that includes case management, Daily Living Services and Skills Development Services. Through the process of assessment and treatment plan development, interventions are tailored to meet individual needs. Natural supports are incorporated to the degree the service recipient desires. The service assists with the following:

  • Case management and coordination of services
  • Medication administration
  • Section 8 and other housing subsidies
  • Teaching, education and skill building
  • Budgeting
  • Medical appointments
  • Community linkage and connections
  • Selecting and participating in educational, vocational and social activities
  • Accessing 12 Step and other recovery-oriented self-help supports
  • Learning the bus system
  • Accessing alternative transportation
  • Symptom management
  • Development of positive coping skills
  • Identifying, developing and maintaining healthy peer and natural supports in the community

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