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Three steps toward independence

OHI History

OHI's services are transitional, meaning their purpose is to help people with disabilities move ahead from wherever they may be — at home with parents, in an institutional or hospital setting, in a group living situation — toward independent living within their communities.

It all begins with therapeutic identified skills training. What does this person need to learn and do that will help him or her move ahead? Once someone has mastered those identified skills, he or she can move on to a less restricted environment — like an OHI-supported home where a few people live together with OHI staff providing a variety of support services.

The next step? Supported or independent living within the community, with case management and other services that help each person become as self-sufficient as possible.

It can be a long road, but along the way, many important things take place: people are given the chance to set and reach goals — no matter how small — to make choices for their lives, and to see that, with hard work and the kind of support OHI provides, everything truly is possible.