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Community Support Program

OHI’s LEAD ON!! (Community Support Program) offers a customized plan focusing on a unique set of principles to guide each member as they are supported to engage with the community, and to develop and build upon social roles and lasting relationships.

OHI believes everyone is a leader and with the right support can use their unique talents and skills to take responsibility for the well-being and improvement of their community.

Social Capital

Participating and contributing in meaningful activities with and for others helps people feel valued as participating members of the community. It builds social capital. The more social capital, the more likely people are to get a job, become connected, make friends and live the life they decide.


At LEAD ON!!, OHI has partnerships with area business’s such as the Brewer Area Food Pantry, Bonnie’s Bargain Basement and the Bangor Humane Society to provide opportunities for members of the program to engage with and assist others in the community. We focus on connections with community events that defy the typical definition of inclusion for people with disabilities. We teach members how to use public transportation; communicate more effectively with others and create circles of support.

Call today to make an appointment with our Community Support Designer who will guide you and your team in the development of a customized plan that incorporates your interests and talents with personal outcome measures to connect you with other members in your community. Let us inspire you to see your true potential!

For more information please contact Margaret Knapp, community support designer, at 605-1233 or mknapp@ohimaine.org.