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We offer people with disabilities the resources they need to make life choices and set their own goals.

We believe everything is possible...

OHI Employment Services

Whether it’s fundraising, athletic or recreational events, there are activities for everyone to enjoy. We certainly welcome anyone who wants to be a part of the excitement.

OHI Professional Development
Professional Development

We have developed a variety of courses, workshops, and training seminars to meet the needs of our community and the people within it.

Brewer Area Food Pantry
Brewer Area Food Pantry

OHI opened the Brewer Area Food Pantry Nov. 25, 2013, at 222 North Main Street. The food pantry is open to residents of Brewer and Eddington.

About OHI

OHI is a Maine-based, public nonprofit organization providing supports and services to people with intellectual disabilities, autism and mental illness for the past 35 years. With offices in the greater Bangor area, specifically in the towns of Hermon and Brewer, OHI currently supports about 400 people in six Maine counties. OHI provides 24-hour residential services and various community services for people to live productively in their communities.

OHI also provides permanent housing in Bangor and Brewer for adults with disabilities, and professional development training for people, including family members, caregivers and support workers. In November 2013, OHI opened the Brewer Area Food Pantry as both a means to meet a growing need and to give back to a community which the people it supports rely upon.

OHI strongly believes in providing person-specific intellectual disability and mental health services tailored to the specific needs and desires of the person supported.

Our fundamental philosophy – Everything is Possible – drives the manner and method in which we operate, and provide supports and services to people in the greater Bangor area and five other Maine counties. We believe everyone can be successful and happy with the right quality of supports and the right combination of services. We must value the unlimited possibilities of everyone’s potential to learn, develop and grow. Our eight values associated with our philosophy capture the essence of our organization and employees.