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OHI is a Maine-based, public, nonprofit organization providing support and services to people with intellectual disabilities, autism, and mental illness for over 40 years. With an office in the greater Bangor area, OHI currently supports about 400 people in six Maine counties. OHI provides 24-hour residential services and various community services for people to live productively in their communities.

OHI also provides permanent housing in Bangor and Brewer for adults with disabilities and professional development training for people, including family members, caregivers, and support workers. OHI strongly believes in providing person-specific intellectual disability and mental health services tailored to the specific needs and desires of the person supported.

In November 2013, OHI opened the Brewer Area Food Pantry. Both as a means to meet a growing need and to give back to a community the people it supports rely upon.

Everything is Possible

Our fundamental philosophy, “everything is possible,” drives the manner and method we operate to provide support and services to people in the greater Bangor area and five other Maine counties. We believe everyone can be successful and happy with the right quality of support and combination of services. We must value the unlimited possibilities of everyone’s potential to learn, develop, and grow. Our eight values associated with our philosophy capture the essence of our organization and employees.

Choice is Essential

We believe everyone should be supported to achieve a quality of life that meets individual goals and realizes lifelong dreams. We believe everyone should choose and design their own lifestyle with the support of people of their choice.

Rights Must Be Protected

We believe in providing opportunities for everyone to enjoy a fulfilling private and social life, free from ridicule, embarrassment, and discrimination. We believe each child and adult is a person first and must always be treated with respect and dignity.

Community Participation is Empowering

We believe everyone should be fully included, participatory members of their neighborhoods and communities. We believe everyone should be encouraged to actively participate in their communities’ events and life through civic organizations, religious groups, cultural events, educational opportunities, and political action.

Professional Employees are Key to Our Success

We believe OHI employees, volunteers, and contractors are our greatest asset, and the value of each is immeasurable. We believe all OHI employees, volunteers, and contractors are professionals and must be multifaceted, well trained, flexible, and ethical.

A Positive Outlook is Crucial

We believe a positive attitude, positive thinking, and a positive work environment are essential to people’s well-being. OHI supports its employees, volunteers and contractors, and the organization as a whole.

Professional Development & Education Impact the Future

We believe we must continually educate the people we support, family members, guardians, correspondents, volunteers, neighbors, community members, and employers of the people we support. We believe OHI staff, volunteers, and contractors must be knowledgeable about and contribute to local, regional, national, and global trends in public policy, program, research, and funding in the disability field.

Safety is Imperative

We believe everyone should be supported to make educated, safe, healthy, legal, and reasonable informed choices about all aspects of life. We believe in promoting a safe and healthy atmosphere for people OHI supports and for its employees, volunteers, and contractors.

Continuous Quality Improvement is Vital

We believe in providing the highest quality of supports. We believe we must continually strive to improve in everything we do. We believe human potential is boundless.

We believe we must continually rededicate ourselves to our vision, mission, and philosophy. Not only did OHI celebrate its 40th anniversary recently, but we moved from two office buildings into a single, large building at 203 Maine Avenue, Bangor.

We Offer People With Disabilities
the Resources They Need to Make
Life Choices and Set Their Own Goals