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OHI’s Home of Your Own is a MaineCare Sections 29 and 21 Personal Support Program offering personalized support to people who live with their families as well as people who live in their own home. OHI is approved by the Department of Heath and Human Services to provide support to individuals who have MaineCare funding under Sections 21 and 29 – home supports. We also support people who pay for their services privately.

Whether you need a few hours of support a week or a few hours a day, our support team will be available to meet your needs and accommodate your schedule and preferences. We coordinate support with all members of your team and implement the goals you have decided upon in your Person Centered Plan. Whether you need support to budget your money and shop for your groceries or learn how to order and take your daily medications, we can assist you. OHI’s trained staff supports, teaches and mentors you as you work toward the level of independence you desire and have decided upon with your planning team.

Call today to make an appointment with our team coordinator who will guide you and your team in the development of a customized plan that incorporates your interests and talents with personal outcome measures to assist you on your journey to independence!

For more information, contact Michelle Marden, team coordinator, at 949-5167 or [email protected]

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