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OHI supports adults with intellectual disabilities throughout the greater Bangor area with our home and community-based waiver services. Whether it’s in our 24-hour Residential Support Program or the Individualized Personal Support Program, each service is individually customized based upon personal needs. Comfort, stability, safety, and room for individual growth are at the core of OHI’s 24-hour Residential Services Program.

OHI assists with daily living skills such as hygiene, cooking, medication administration, and guidance in maintaining a healthy and positive living space. Financial management and accountability are also enhanced. Also, OHI focuses on each individual’s social and community integration skills, such as employment, school, public transportation, volunteerism, while providing an environment that supports positive life choices.

Depending upon each person, OHI’s Home and Community Based Waiver services can be used in various ways. For some, it’s a transitional home on their journey toward independent living. For others, it serves as a permanent home providing guidance with daily living, including illness and end-of-life care.

For more information, contact Deb Smith, intellectual disability services director, at 207-605-1240 or [email protected].

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