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Behavioral Health Home Services provide a team-based approach to the integration of physical and behavioral services. It supports adults with mental health challenges who also want support to improve their physical health and to provide coordination among all their service providers. It also adds an Intentional Peer Support component to assist people in developing natural and peer supports in the community. Service recipients may be living alone or in a group home setting, or homeless. A Behavioral Health Home is not an actual building, rather a home that helps coordinate services.

Team Approach

The Behavioral Health Home team consists of a Health Home Coordinator who acts in a case management capacity, an Intentional Peer Support Specialist and a Nurse Care Manager. The team consults with primary care and psychiatric providers. Through assessment and care plan development, supports can include:

  • Identifying needs related to physical and behavioral care, housing, education, vocation, finance, socialization and development of natural and peer supports.
  • Coordination of care among physical and behavioral services.
  • Crisis planning and management.
  • Inclusion of family, cultural and religious supports.
  • Identifying, obtaining and maintaining resources and benefits in the community as they relate to identified needs.
  • One-on-one and group peer support

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