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With the help and support of OHI’s intellectual disability services, people achieve their own personal milestones. OHI guides and teaches life lessons to help each person in their community. Emotional management and assistance in establishing strong relationships with friends and community members are also encouraged through OHI.

Prader-Willi Syndrome

OHI specializes in supporting adults with Prader-Willi Syndrome. A genetic condition described primarily as a severe eating disorder that is left unchecked, leading to life-threatening obesity. OHI’s intellectual disability services help monitor food intake, develop exercise programs, encourage community involvement, and coordinate necessary services.


OHI strongly supports self-advocacy. In doing so, OHI encourages people to get involved in Speaking Up For Us (SUFU) and local community groups.

Special Olympics

OHI actively participates in Special Olympics throughout New England. From local to state to international competition, OHI supports people in preparing for and competing athletically in events of their choice. Special Olympics and OHI’s involvement are highlighted events people look forward to socially while providing growth and personal achievement.

As you can see, everything is possible at OHI. For more information, please contact Josh Paige at 207-852-0619 or [email protected].

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