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OHI’s LEAD ON! Community Support Program offers a unique and customized plan focusing on the members’ desires and needs. They are supported to explore, engage, volunteer, learn new skills, develop relationships, and build their social roles in their own community. LEAD ON is provided primarily on a 1:1 ratio and takes place solely in the community. OHI believes everyone is a leader. With the right support, they can use their unique talents and skills to do their part in improving their community.

Employment Exploration

We assist people with disabilities who are interested in gaining employment by exploring interests and options. After identifying interests, we help to build needed and already existing skills, practice the interview process, observe the jobs of interest, and assist people to link up with employment services.


If you want to give back to your community, volunteering is an amazing way to just help out. At LEAD ON we can help find different volunteer opportunities in the community, ranging from helping animals, assisting children and senior adults, or helping distribute and deliver food at a local food pantry. We focus on connections with community, relationship building and inclusion for people with disabilties.

We assist members with developing their skills to use public transportation, communicating more effectively with others, learning to manage money and finances, and creating circles of support. Call today to make an appointment with our Community Support Supervisor, who will assist in developing a customized plan that incorporates your interests and talents with personal outcome measures to connect you with other members of your community. Please contact Jessica Gibby at [email protected] or by calling 207-659-0424.

We Offer People With Disabilities
the Resources They Need to Make
Life Choices and Set Their Own Goals