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We believe Everything is Possible and everyone can be successful with the right combination of quality support services.

Choice is Essential

We believe choice is essential and all people should:

  • Be supported in ways that help them achieve individual goals, realize lifelong dreams and attain the highest quality of life possible.
  • Be able to choose and design their own lifestyles, with help from whomever they choose.
  • Be supported to whatever extent is necessary so they can choose and manage their own property, possessions and time.
  • Be supported to whatever extent is necessary so they can lease or own a home in their community.
  • Be able to live with whomever they choose.
  • Be supported in whatever ways are necessary so they can develop skills and obtain/maintain a job of their choice in their community.
  • Be encouraged to develop supporting relationships with their families, friends, neighbors and other community members so everyone learns more about diversity and acceptance, and about how to approach the world with courage and determination.
  • Be encouraged to develop and nurture natural supports in the community.
  • Value the unlimited possibilities in others and recognize everyone’s potential to learn, develop and grow.

Rights Must Be Protected

We believe everyone’s rights must be protected and those rights include:

  • The right to be treated with respect.
  • The right to enjoy a fulfilling life, free from ridicule, embarrassment and discrimination.
  • The right to work, live and play in their community.
  • The right to age in their place of choice.
  • We should use the most positive and least restrictive supports and interactions as we provide support services.
  • We must always advocate for the people we support and encourage them to advocate for themselves.
  • We at OHI — along with guardians, families, community members and the state and federal governments — all have a responsibility to protect those rights.

Professional Employees Key To Success

We believe professional employees are the key to our success and:

  • Their value is immeasurable, making them our greatest asset.
  • They are multi-faceted professionals who deserve on-going training in many areas.
  • All OHI employees should be flexible.
  • All OHI employees should be team players who focus on partnership and collaboration.
  • It is important for our employees to be members of provider and professional networks.
  • Ethics should be the foundation of all decisions made and actions taken by OHI employees and its Board of Directors, contractors and volunteers.
  • We should communicate with each other with concern and respect.
  • We believe a positive outlook is crucial and that a positive work environment is essential to the well-being of OHI, the people it supports and its employees.

Education is Vital

We believe that education is vital to everything we do and:

  • We must continually educate the people we support — as well as their family members, guardians, neighbors and employers — so they can advocate effectively for themselves and others.
  • OHI staff must take advantage of training and educational opportunities and seek information about trends in public policy, programs, research and funding in order to provide the highest quality service and to contribute to the field on all levels — local, regional, national and global.

Safe Homes, Workplaces

We believe everyone should feel safe in their homes and workplaces so we:

  • Encourage the people we support to make safe, healthy, legal and informed choices about all aspects of life — and we help them do so in any way we can.
  • Do everything we can to provide a safe and healthy atmosphere for the people we support and for our employees.

Continuous Improvement

We believe continual improvement is vital to our mission and we must:

  • Constantly strive to assess, develop and expand our knowledge and capabilities so we can provide the highest quality of supports.
  • Continually re-dedicate ourselves to our philosophy that Everything is Possible.

We Offer People With Disabilities
the Resources They Need to Make
Life Choices and Set Their Own Goals