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More than a third of our about 400 employees have been with OHI for five years or more. We believe that’s because of our unique philosophy, family atmosphere, sense of teamwork and our commitment to people with intellectual disabilities and mental illness.

Making a Difference

Whatever you do at OHI in the greater Bangor area or six counties in which we provide services, you’re sure to love the team spirit and the knowledge you’re part of an organization that really does make a difference.

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Applications for employment can be completed online , or stop by our office at 203 Maine Avenue in Bangor, we now have a kiosk in our lobby for applicants needing assistance or access to a laptop! Available positions are also posted at the office.

Direct Support Professionals

Most of the job openings at OHI are for Direct Support Professionals — the OHI staff members who work day-to-day offering support to people with mental illness and/or intellectual disabilities while teaching them the skills they need to live as independently as possible in their communities.

More specifically, Direct Support Professionals:

  • Support people as they go about their daily activities, be a role model and mentor
  • Administer medications if needed
  • Foster positive relationships between people with disabilities and families, friends, neighbors and community members
  • Maintain professional documentation
  • Provide opportunities for people to be active members of their community
  • Maintain a positive attitude and create a positive atmosphere

Variety of hours

Direct Support Professionals work a variety of part- and full-time hours — during the day, in the evening, on weekends or around the clock, including overnights.


DSP positions include health, dental and life insurance benefits; paid training and certification; personal paid leave; and holiday benefits. Enjoy non-traditional working hours and a job that matters! Have real career advancement opportunities!

Community Supports Supervisors

We occasionally have openings for Community Supports Supervisors (CSSs) who oversee services that support people with disabilities — mental illness, co-occuring mental health and substance abuse disorders, intellectual disabilities or all three — and supervise DSPs.

Working as part of an interconnected team, a CSS:

  • Assures quality supports and services are provided to people receiving OHI support services
  • Develops plans to help people with disabilities live more productively in their communities
  • Keeps records and monitors progress of people receiving OHI support services
  • Protects the rights of people receiving OHI support services
  • Conducts staff meetings and evaluations

Other positions at OHI

Other positions include administrative office staff, case management, maintenance staff, and positions in our accounting and human resources departments. We also occasionally have openings for licensed clinicians.

Belief in Mission

Our mission to inspire people to recognize possibilities and lead meaningful lives is one every employee here believes in fulfilling. To ensure that this mission continues, we need people like you to join us. We need smart, motivated people who enjoy being part of a team, and above all, want to enrich the lives of others. Become a member of our family today and you will see that truly Everything is Possible.

We Offer People With Disabilities
the Resources They Need to Make
Life Choices and Set Their Own Goals